10 Amazing Places to Visit in November in Nepal

published on: 27th Nov, 2023

10 Amazing places

Place to visit in november

peace stupa


Vacation in fewa lake


Where would you travel in November or your Christmas holiday in December! You have plenty of destinations to choose from in this small world today.  Every night when the sun goes down, you can just go to another town. But Nepal is far beautiful beyond what you would expect other places would be like and below are the reasons why!



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November travel

While everyone is waiting for the Christmas holidays and go to the Caribbean beaches, it’s not easy to pick your destination during the meanwhile period. November is actually a funny month for travel but your getaway destination can make it a joyful one.

Today, as we are looking at November, ladies, and gentlemen, let us show you the brighter side of traveling in Nepal. It does have actually much more than what we will write here, but surely Nepal has much more than what you would say a paradise.

Winter supplies the short form of Vitamin D. While, in Nepal being cold in November still supplies enough sunlight. Its Geography located high above sea level receives the proper sunlight throughout the day. Nepalese say “Winter Sun Is Fun” as it provides pleasurable warmth out of the cold.

Spend Wonderful Vacation in Fewa Lake (Pokhara)

Your Christmas holiday can be expensive. Prices spike throughout the world. Meanwhile, in Nepal, they give more discounts on the occasion and celebrate it with you. Nepal doesn’t celebrate fancy Christmas but it could be a getaway for you to enjoy Christmas, travel, and see the world’s most beautiful country at the same time.

Since Nepal is famous for trekkers, although it has a wide range of activities to offer for no-trekkers, trekkers can enjoy the beautiful Himalayan peaks covered with snow and reflecting sun over and around. Travelers doing tours can enjoy the cities and surroundings in a warm climate. If you go to the south it has warm temperatures and jungles.

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World Peace Stupa Lumbini

To the east, Pokhara, city of lakes, you can enjoy the sun, Mountains, Warmth, Lakes, and Hospitality. Kathmandu will be quite cold, but during the day it’s warm. You can take a day's walk around the city in the shining sun. Kathmandu receives proper sunlight almost all the days during the winter. In the end, tonight while you go to the bed, open the window and let the cool breeze refresh you to think about your next destination for your upcoming holiday.

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