Trekking Manaslu for Free

published on: 18th Jun, 2024

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The Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the most popular treks in 2024. Manaslu, a restricted area, requires a special permit to enter, specifically from Namrung to Larkey La Pass. Despite this, nearly a million people visited the Manaslu restricted area last year.

If you're interested in visiting Manaslu for free, here are some ways to make that happen:

1. Social Media Influencer

If you're a social media influencer with a substantial following on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or especially YouTube, you might be eligible for a free tour. By posting Vlogs or other content related to your trek, you can provide indirect benefits to us, such as increased exposure and marketing. In return, you could receive not only a free tour but also special commissions if the tour is booked through your link.

Not only visual influence if you have a good writing experience and you had influence in top news sites or blog sites can also help in the promotion of new route and trails for example : Everest trek, mansalu trek and Annapurna trek are not only the trials in Nepal. Nepal has more fantastic unexplored routes and trails like upper Dolpo region, Kanchenjunga region trek west Nepal trek, se-phoksundo lake trek etc . many of the information of this region are not mentioned any where not even in Wikipedia. Therefore if you want to explore and give this gem of information to the world we are very ready to help you. 

2. Trekking Leader

A trekking leader is someone who organizes a group of  travelers and coordinates with a trekking agency like Master Himalaya Treks and Expedition. You don't need special trekking or climbing skills, as everything is smoothly managed by Master Himalaya Treks and Expedition. As a trekking leader, you can either earn a commission or enjoy a free trek. if you have a question like how to collect a group of travelers than for example if you are a college student you can run a campaign on “Trekking to Nepal in summer holidays”( or any holidays you have ) 3 months before the holiday date and start collecting group then again boost campaign marketing on the last month then you will get enough group for the trek.once you collect the group you can directly contact to Master Himalaya in whats app or inquire through email or through association form of Master Himalaya treks and expedition website. we can customize trip inquiry according to given date.

Other options:

  • You can collect the group if you are involved in any club.
  • You can collect group if you are working travel agency.

3. Trekking Guide

If you are a trekking guide, you can visit Manaslu for free. Foreign guides are highly recommended. You will need a trekking license from Nepal. If you're unfamiliar with the route, you can join as an assistant guide and learn the trail. Once you're ready, you can lead a group on your own and also earn money.

How to Get Associated with Us

To get associated with Master Himalaya Treks and Expedition, you can directly send us your information and explain why you are qualified.

Join us and experience the breathtaking Manaslu Circuit Trek while enjoying unique opportunities as a social media influencer or trekking leader.